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Relationships 220x215
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The vitality of the relationship between clergy and the congregation is almost always an indicator of the degree to which a congregation is flourishing.

In the best situations, the relationship...

Interviewing clergy staff 220x218
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It doesn’t matter if the workplace is a hospital or a grocery store, finding the right people is key to effectiveness. This is true for congregations too.

How does your congregation find...

Startingwell 220x220
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Are you a clergyperson starting at a congregation? I’m sure you want to start well. It can be a challenge to prayerfully navigate all the demands placed upon you.

Most clergy don’t move often...

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Large lei clergy renewal cts

“Renewal periods are not vacations, but times for intentional exploration and reflection, for drinking again from God's life-giving waters.” Christian clergy and their congregations are eligible...

Large church assessment tools
Web resource

This congregational assessment from Holy Cow Consulting provides benchmark data to inform decisions about identity, clergy search, strategic...

Large faithful and fractured

This book presents the findings of Duke's Clergy Health Initiative, which studied the mental and physical health of United Methodist clergy. The results can be applied to clergy and...

Large clergy sexual misconduct a systems approach

This comprehensive book offers a systemic approach to clergy and congregation recovery after clergy sexual misconduct, discussing topics such as treatment, the effect on the church, prevention,...

Large a center in the cyclone

This resource offers advice on ways for clergy to lead a healthier life that will strengthen their commitments to spiritual growth and self-care.

Large understanding the impact clergy sexual abuse

This volume examines clergy sexual abuse from several angles based on a series of conversations with abuse survivors, combining their stories with insight from experts in social work, pychology,...

Large so you think

This resource tackles the systemic, spiritual, and communal problems of addictive and co-dependent behavior by clergy and congregations.

Large fontawesome f02d 9  1024

Written in four parts, this book addresses the spiritual and practical processes involved in searching for new clergy leadership, equipping congregations with the tools needed to make the search...

Large leading your african american church

This resource identifies the nine leadership behaviors that will aid in a smooth transition to new clergy leadership.

Large 2019 church clergy tax guide

This annual publication provides current information about tax laws as they relate to congregations and clergy, equiping treasurers and tax preparers with the tools needed to accurately fill out...

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