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Focusing your communication efforts

Center for Congregations Director Matt Burke encourages congregations to focus communication efforts by articulating the challenge and starting with a clear mission and vision.

Finding the communication information you need

Communication is an incredibly varied topic. Refine your search with these subcategories:

Interpersonal: care ministries, conflict, counseling, hospitality, mentoring 
Internal: administration, meetings, mission and vision, preaching, small groups, teaching
External: evangelism, marketing, outreach, social media, website

A caring congregation 220x220

June 6, 2018

Your Caring Congregation

Leadership, Care Ministries

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The Center for Church Communication provides church communicators with resources, models,...

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Fortune 500 consultant Dianna Booher offers valuable communication advice highlighting how to...

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Kibbie Simmons Ruth and Karen McClintock are teachers and consultants in human sexuality issues...

Thumb healthy disclosure

Mistakes in communication and information management can lead to dysfunction and crises in a...

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Church communication specialist and co-editor Tim Schraeder says Outspoken is a “collection of...

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W. Craig Gilliam, director of The Center for Pastoral Effectiveness for the Louisiana Annual...

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For practicing psychologists Paul Donoghue and Mary Siegel, communication is basic to being...

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The Journey Conversations project offers a variety of resources and tools for congregations or...

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Research shows that the number one reason people attend worship is to hear the sermon. This...

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In a meeting or conversation, how can a leader create an environment where all parties feel...

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