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Focusing your communication efforts

Center for Congregations Director Matt Burke encourages congregations to focus communication efforts by articulating the challenge and starting with a clear mission and vision.

Finding the communication information you need

Communication is an incredibly varied topic. Refine your search with these subcategories:

Interpersonal: care ministries, conflict, counseling, hospitality, mentoring 
Internal: administration, meetings, mission and vision, preaching, small groups, teaching
External: evangelism, marketing, outreach, social media, website

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The Center for Church Communication provides church communicators with resources, models,...

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Fortune 500 consultant Dianna Booher offers valuable communication advice highlighting how to...

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Web resource

As a church communications specialist, Yvon Prehn says her objective is to assist congregations...

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Frederick Gonnerman, an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pastor and former Director of...

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“Kids grow best toward mature Christian adulthood when they have ample opportunity to interact...

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In the 1960’s, communications philosopher Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, “The medium is the...

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“Grappling with how to have an open church with an open gospel, while providing for the security...

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Melanie Mathos and Chad Norman are public relations and communication professionals who see...

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After defining and explaining narrative budgets, this document helps readers transform their...

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Mark Stephenson, known nationally as the “Church Cyber-guy,” has been a volunteer leader since...