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Congregations learn well when they slow things down.

Creating a sense of urgency makes sense when striving to get ahead in a capitalistic economy, but it isn’t always helpful for congregational...

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A generation ago, congregational observers noted that congregations experiencing growth were those which gave clear-cut, right and wrong, direction about life.

I want to note a subtle correction...

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Most people can carry a casual conversation with a young adult. If that seems like a challenge in your congregation, check out the first part of this blog <a...

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Large the soul of the congregation

This resource calls on readers to analyze the soul of their congregation --- what makes up their history, values, and traditions --- to begin a process of discernment.

Large church assessment tools
Web resource

This congregational assessment from Holy Cow Consulting provides benchmark data to inform decisions about identity, clergy search, strategic...

Large becoming a blessed church

This book demonstrates what can happen when a congregation seeks God's purpose, presence, and power.

Large the learning congregation

This essay discusses eight behaviors of congregations that learn well.

Large vital congregations fact

This study of leaders across ten faith traditions define spiritual vitality, reveal which factors help or hurt congregational vitality, and offers strategies to improve vitality.

Large visual arts and worship
Web resource

This web site, by Calvin Institute, provides a bibliography of art resources related to faith and worship.

Large life together

Influenced by the author's experience as part of Finkenwalde Seminary, an underground seminary that defied Nazi nationalism, this book is a reflection on true community centered around Christ. ...

Large in search of wisdom

Composed of eight essays, this resource uses biblical texts, African traditions, and narratives from exemplary lives to examine wisdom as the core concept of faith formation in the Black Church....

Large visual faith

This resource examines the relationship between the church and visual imagery, introducing a history and theology of the subject while providing a practical discussion on making and looking at...

Large fontawesome f02d 9  1024

This book diagnoses the root of "stewardship syndrome" and provides solutions like preaching and church structure to motivate givers.

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