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The formative pwr of congregations 220x220
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April 11, 2019

Religion in America

Your cong not decline 206x220
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August 25, 2016

Religion in America

Theologian of the year 220x220
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October 25, 2017


Large the learning congregation

Faith communities that effectively meet new challenges and opportunities have some behaviors in common. In this essay, a veteran pastor and president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations...

Large 2013 economic impact study

The research that undergirds this report involved more than 3,000 congregational leaders from various religious traditions who responded to surveys about the impact of the recent economic downturn...

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The research, case studies, and identification of best practices offered here will be appreciated by congregational leaders engaged in young adult ministries, those considering an intentional...

Large hartford institute

Since 1985, Hartford Seminary’s Hartford Institute for Religion Research has been a knowledge resource for the scholarly community, as well as places of worship. The focus is religious research. ...

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Large doing justice

By setting up a clear outline of “the world as it is” over and against “the world as it should be,” Jacobsen, a Lutheran pastor and community organizer, offers a justification for and pathway into...

Large pillars of faith

Nancy Ammerman’s qualitative study of American congregations and their varied partnerships has much to offer congregations that are concerned with their public ministry and impact. While this book...

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Do you have a passion for theology, faith formation or congregational studies? You will be inspired by this theological, academic, and experienced case for “practical wisdom.” Practical wisdom is...

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By drawing from scriptural tradition, New Testament scholar and Duke Divinity School professor Kavin Rowe invites congregations and leaders to consider the early church as a model for thriving...

Large worship matters a study for congregations

This book is part case study, part practical helps. The practical helps come at the end of chapters in the form of questions to consider regarding subjects such as use of space and the liturgical...

Large national congregations study2
Web resource

Sometimes, numbers do help. This resource will provide you with data. It is the website for the National Congregations Study. The newest data was posted in the winter of 2014. How can you use the...

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