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Relationships millennials 220x220
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In a gathering of congregational leaders, the word “millennial” enters the conversation. A wave of uneasiness settles in — judgment, honest confusion or distress. What is the future of our...

Resilient congregations 220x191
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On my way to work, I drive by two church buildings. One building used to be the home of a Methodist congregation, the other formerly a home for a Roman Catholic congregation. The people have gone...

Youth ministry 220x220
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The purpose of youth ministry is to foster the personal development of faith, theology and relationships for young people ages 6th-12th grades. This usually happens through a variety of lessons,...

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Large the learning congregation

Faith communities that effectively meet new challenges and opportunities have some behaviors in common. In this essay, a veteran pastor and president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations...

Large transforming congregational culture

From long-time teacher, author, consultant and ordained United Church of Christ minister Anthony B. Robinson comes a comprehensive look at the power of transformative change in congregational...

Large dirt matters

Just as it takes good soil to grow healthy plants, a congregation requires the good soil of well-defined beliefs, calling and values in order to have fruitful ministry. Gardening metaphors abound...

Large creating culture validation ad

What does it mean to practice validation in your congregation? How can an “affirming disposition” increase your congregation’s ability to trust one another and try new things? In this article from...

Large look before you lead

Practical and offering good questions for engagement, this book provides a structured orientation to church culture from a conservative and evangelical perspective. Written by Aubrey Malphurs, a...

Large creating culture of renewal
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Organized into three tracks, the “Creating a Culture of Renewal” leadership development approach, led by author and consultant Rebekah Simon-Peter, is designed to meet congregational leaders where...

Large promise and peril

Congregations and congregational leaders interested in understanding the genesis and impact of change and conflict within their communities will benefit from the research of David Brubaker,...

Large how to shape your churchs culture

This concise article from LifeWay, the Southern Baptist publishing house, provides a great overview introduction to understanding what “church culture” is in the first place. By seeing how a...

Large journey wilderness

Gil Rendle is a reliable source of congregational resources and practical advice. As a United Methodist pastor and a long-time consultant with the Texas Methodist Foundation, he has deep experience...

Large c3 conference

Each year, Ed Young, pastor of Texas megachurch, Fellowship Church, hosts the Creative Church Culture (C3) Conference, attended by thousands of pastors and lay leaders. Affiliated with the Southern...

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