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A generation ago, congregational observers noted that congregations experiencing growth were those which gave clear-cut, right and wrong, direction about life.

I want to note a subtle correction...

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Here’s a secret for you. The Center for Congregations in Indiana has learned something while working with 3500 congregations that we want to share with you.

Ready? Here it is.

A congregation...

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Most people can carry a casual conversation with a young adult. If that seems like a challenge in your congregation, check out the first part of this blog <a...

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Large how we gather

Millennials are gathering in new, innovative ways to meet spiritual needs outside of the local congregation. This 22-page report helps readers understand how younger generations meet in community....

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In today’s fast-paced, consumer society, raising children who are generous, thoughtful, creative and joyful is neither simple nor easy. Parent Trek offers wisdom and practical guidance for parents...

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Do your church’s worship services create an environment where God’s transformative presence can be experienced? Creating vibrant worship can be a challenge, and perhaps especially if it is done...

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This resource explores the unique characteristics of divergent churches, examining the how and where they meet, what brings them together, and how their primary concerns shape the practices of...

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Many of us have heard much about the Emerging Church movement. In some ways, the phrase has already passed us by. Congregational life is changing that fast in some contexts. Whatever one calls the...

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This Roman Catholic downloadable liturgy template for the closing of a church is easily adaptable to churches of liturgical traditions, and with some creativity, those of non-liturgical traditions....

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If you are on a worship committee and you want to collaborate with staff on the design for worship, this book will prove useful for you. Likewise, if you are either a music leader or a pastor who...

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Those looking for information about visual arts and worship might not think to look on one of today’s trendiest websites-Pinterest! Yet, all it takes is typing in the home page search the words...

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The secondary title of this helpful website is “Ideas for Revitalizing Struggling Churches”. The site has many blogs and articles dealing with congregational renewal. An example is a post dealing...

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This five-part resource equips congregations with the rools and information needed to find and nurture leaders for the next generation and beyond.

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