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When the need arose for Vacation Bible School curricula to strengthen the partnership between Presbyteries in Indianapolis, Indiana and in Northern Quintana Roo, Mexico, the two groups worked...

Large christian educators guide evaluating developing curriculum

Ferguson takes the guesswork out of how to begin and implement the task of evaluation and curriculum development by offering step-by-step processes. Her experience as a certified Christian educator...

Large head to heart
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Confirmation is reimagined in this curriculum from Rich Melheim’s Faith5 organization . The material’s relational/experiential format, based on up-to-date...

Large curriculum overview

Veteran children’s minister and Christian educator, Sharon Ely Pearson, has compiled an impressively comprehensive list of currently available children’s faith formation curricula into one...

Large seeing red

Children who lack the skills to manage their anger are more likely to bully others. Seeing Red helps kids learn to self-regulate their behavior by teaching them to identify anger triggers and...

Large where all can safely live

This four-session curriculum is designed for teenagers and adults, equiping participants with tools to define, identify, prevent, and intervene in bullying behavior. It also contains lesson...

Large risking connection

This book is designed especially for clergy and religious leaders who finding themselves on the front lines of crisis supporting survivors of trauma. Without encouraging them to play the role of...

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The best way to train children for creation justice is to give them opportunities to experience creation’s wonder and learn to care about it. Fortunately, children are natural naturalists! God’s...

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From the Episcopal Church comes a curriculum that equips congregations and families for faith-based conversations on human sexuality. Its authors, all of whom are veteran Christian educators,...

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This curriculum provides multiple tools for students, parents, and educators to address the issue of bullying. It also offers insight on three key areas that consist of prevention,...

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