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Large the social church

This book provides perspective on social media from the viewpoint of Martin Luther and how congregational leaders can make sense out of new platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Large buildingchurchleaders
Web resource

This website of practical training packs quickly equips leaders and teams for effective ministry. Content spans over 100 topics including staff orientation, facilities management, and...

Large fontawesome f0f7 0  1024

This organization provides resources for Baby Boomers and their families within the Jewish community, including online blogs and podcasts about aging, and consulting services for congregations. ...

Large digital disciples

This article looks at how one pastor was able to incorporate technology and social media to benefit faith formation of youth.

Large a vision for the aging church

This book explores the aging population and shares how they can be assets to the congregation.

Large a heart of wisdom

This collection of essays offers Jewish perspectives on aging, ranging from intergenerational relationships to midlife passages.

Large click2save reboot

This social media overview expands on how modern-day platforms can impact the congregational mission and ministry, providing guidance on websites like YouTube.

Large church inventive age

This book looks at the historical change of the church over the past four eras and equips readers with the knowledge needed to use the opportunities this particular age gives congregations.

Large mapping 21st century landscape
Web resource

This web resource, provided by Lutheran pastor and co-author of the previously published “Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible”
Keith Anderson, argues that "we need to take...

Large pilgrimage into the last third of life

Written by senior adult experts, this resource points to seven paths to a flourishing old age while drawing from scripture, the authors' experiences, and wisdom from mystics and other spiritual...

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