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Theologian of the year 220x220
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I know a pastor who chooses a theologian to study in-depth every year. In 2013, he chose Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He read Life Together, Ethics and Letters and Papers from...

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Congregations learn well when they slow things down.

Creating a sense of urgency makes sense when striving to get ahead in a capitalistic economy, but it isn’t always helpful for congregational...

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Large the way of discernment participants

Contributors to other books and guides in the Companions in Christ Upper Room Series, Doughty and Thompson present in this helpful study guide a highly usable process to help congregational groups...

Large the way of discernment leaders

How do congregations and individuals go about the process of making important decisions informed by the spirit of Christ? This leader’s guide provides a congregational leader with the tools needed...

Large spiritual discovery

What if decision-makers stopped voting, and instead, practiced discernment and became prayerful “seekers”? This is the goal of the “Spiritual Discovery Method,” a model for decision-making offered...

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The Circle Way is a modern-day adaptation of an ancient council method of decision-making. This booklet applies the Circle Way to modern congregations as a way to foster open conversations.

Large the soul of the congregation

This resource calls on readers to analyze the soul of their congregation --- what makes up their history, values, and traditions --- to begin a process of discernment.

Large pursuing gods will together

Business models and business leaders don’t necessarily make strong spiritual leaders for the church, according to Ruth Haley Barton. Barton contends that congregations are called to a different...

Large practicing discernment together

This book on discernment is one-of-a-kind in that it offers solid instruction on effective principles of discernment and it provides several case studies to illustrate the discernment process....

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No one knows discernment better than Quakers and no Quaker has a more appreciated voice on the topic than Parker Palmer. Palmer, founder and senior partner of the Center for Courage & Renewal has...

Large leadership and listening

Growing out of several years of participation in the Center for Creative Leadership, leadership consultant Donald Zimmer presents a well-researched analysis of the powerful relationship between the...

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Alice Mann, former senior consultant at the Alban Institute, distills eight principles of a successful church merger from the account of one ...

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