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Young adults 220x220

April 19, 2016

Young Adults and Your Congregation


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January 8, 2018

Attachment as an Alternative to Pastoral Capital


Faith and money 218x220

September 7, 2016

Faith and Money

Congregational Finance

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Certain needs develop when your congregation grows. This article will help you identify those...

Thumb a many colored kingdom

The research seems clear: the United States is becoming increasingly multicultural-in its cities...

Thumb the hidden lives of congregations

Israel Galindo, congregational consultant and dean of Baptist Theological Seminary, Richmond, is...

Thumb effective staffing

Finding and keeping appropriate church staff members-paid and unpaid-can seem a daunting task....

Thumb stilling the storm

No matter what issues or conflict may befall a congregation, worship goes on, week in, week out....

Thumb how your cong learns

How Your Congregation Learns describes how congregational leaders move from identifying a...

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Thumb difficult conversations

The authors are team members of the Harvard Negotiation Project, here building on the Project’s...

Thumb boundaries for leaders

Dr. Henry Cloud is a clinical psychologist who focuses on leadership coaching, consulting and...

Thumb crucial conversations

The authors are business and management consultants and co-founders of VitalSmarts, a corporate...

Thumb when moses meets aaron

Pastors and lay leaders know that hiring, supervising, and evaluating staff are among the most...