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January 8, 2018

Attachment as an Alternative to Pastoral Capital


Thumb religious partnership for the environment
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Faith communities have distinct approaches to environmental concerns - approaches which arise...

Thumb coejl

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) is a program of the Jewish Council for...

Thumb the story of stuff
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In 2009, Annie Leonard produced a popular video about “the way we make, use and throw away the...

Thumb care for creation

This 10-minute presentation by a biblical scholar and environmentalist focuses on key words of...

Thumb 50 ways to help save earth

Congregations and individuals looking for spiritual direction and practical tools for addressing...

Thumb tending to eden

From the director of a faith-based environmental action organization, Tending to Eden directs...

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Thumb claiming earth

The faith community has a sacred calling to care for the earth, according to rabbi and...

Thumb renewal

“Countless Americans are answering a spiritual call to confront the enormous challenges of...

Thumb eco action
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Persons of faith who are looking for ways to put their convictions to work on behalf of the...

Thumb blessed earth

Matthew Sleeth was an emergency room doctor when he felt led to radically reorient his life for...

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