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Your congregation is likely working on something new right now. You may be exploring the possibility of a youth mission trip. Or maybe your finance team wants to take an entirely new approach to...

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On my way to work, I drive by two church buildings. One building used to be the home of a Methodist congregation, the other formerly a home for a Roman Catholic congregation. The people have gone...

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New projects fill congregational life with excitement and hope. They can be a time of community cooperation, deep visioning and relationship-building. No matter the project, though, you are likely...

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Large church assessment tools
Web resource

This congregational assessment from Holy Cow Consulting provides benchmark data to inform decisions about identity, clergy search, strategic...

Large level best

This resource makes it easy for congregations to measure the effectiveness of particular programs or ministries through the use of evaluations, providing sample questions and information on the...

Large projects that matter

This book describes a six-step process for designing and implementing a project evaluation, introduciing project planning as a mission-related practice.

Large when better isnt enough

This book offers a 3-step process for effective congregational leadership evaluations, starting with the pastor's self reflection and a feeback group before the review group.

Large completing the circle

This book outlines an easy-to-follow process churches can use to more effectively evaluate their pastor, one that will result in a conversation between pastor and congregation about the ministry...

Large developme
Web resource

This free online web resource, developed by LifeChurch.tv, aims to support a church staff in developing goals and addressing individual growth as well as conducting periodic evaluation by...

Large christian educators guide evaluating developing curriculum

This resource takes the guesswork out of how to plan and implement the task of evaluation and curriculum development by offering a step-by-step process.

Large five practices fruitful cong

Written by the United Methodist Bishop of Missouri, this book outlines five congregational practices of an effective congregation, detailing the importance of each and providing evaluation tools...

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Web resource

The Lewis Center for Church Leadership offers this web resource to help lay leaders navagate reviewing the clergy in an effective and positive way.

Large doing the math of mission

This resource provides readers with the tools to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your congregational endeavors; commenting on the difference between counting and measuring, and how both...

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