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How does your congregation use Facebook? If you are a clergyperson, do you manage Twitter or Instagram for ministry? How about Pinterest or Snapchat or YouTube?

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Large the social church

This book provides perspective on social media from the viewpoint of Martin Luther and how congregational leaders can make sense out of new platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Large click2save reboot

This social media overview expands on how modern-day platforms can impact the congregational mission and ministry, providing guidance on websites like YouTube.

Large webempowered ministry

This comprehensive guide frames the internet as a powerful took to share, teach, and connect people with Jesus; and provides tools for congregations to start a web ministry.

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Web resource

This web resource is Music and Arts Director of Grace Episcopal Church in Bainbridge, Washington Annie Strickland’ s blog, for those that desire to follow the Lectionary but are looking...

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This organization provides resources and membership for congregations interested in establishing healthy multi-ethnic communities.

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This podcast features various church leaders discussing how they use social media to engage people online.

Large social media guide

Written by a social media pastor, this book makes a case for viewing social media as a helpful congregational tip and offers tips on how to use a variety of outlets.

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This organization equips churches to create disciples through small groups at homes, moving from Sunday programming to everyday life.

Large evangelism coach

This website provides tools and strategies to train and send evangelists to fulfill the Great Commission.

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Web resource

This web resource, provided by Lutheran pastor and co-author of the previously published “Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible”
Keith Anderson, argues that "we need to take...

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