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There are three questions to ask regarding almost any building project your congregation is considering. Addressing these questions can help your project succeed. When building projects go well,...

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Large facilities assessments

This brief guide gives readers an introduction to facilities assessment and addresses what to do with the completed assessment.

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This brief article urges congregations to look that their facilities with the eye of a first time visitor.

Large nacfm

NACFM is a national non-profit organization of more than 300 members who serve congregations through education and certification programs for persons who manage church and other religious...

Large worship facilities mag

Worship Facilities Magazine’s educational and informative articles address different questions and concerns about a congregation’s facility. The magazine’s goal is to help congregations design,...

Large the green church initiative

Written by a facilities management expert, this 16-page document lists common-sense ways congregations can save money and protext the environment.

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Written by an architect, this reflective article asks questions about how God's presence is experienced and the purpose of a religious community's facilities.

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This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of converting your facility into a flexible space.

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This article argues that congregations seeking additional space may find their answer in vacant commercial facilities.

Large who moved my tabernacle

This article details the stories of several Roman Catholic congregations during the renovation process of their respective facilities.

Large when not to build

This resource asks congregations to assess their needs and explore alternatives before devoting resources to building a new facility.

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