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During the 1950s, a psychiatrist named Murray Bowen created a new intervention for those with family members suffering from schizophrenia. Two decades later, Rabbi Edwin Friedman used Bowen’s...

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The pastor could not sleep after the team meeting. It didn’t help that the meeting wasn’t over until 10:30 p.m. It also didn’t help that he kept replaying the moment when he lost his temper.


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It is no longer comfortable at the council meeting. Alex brought a 12-page financial report. “These numbers show that our congregation won’t be in business four years from now,” he says, “We will...

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Professor, researcher, and church consultant Diana Garland is all about Christian families and how they work. Here, Garland flips the traditional understanding of “family ministry” by defining...

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Has your congregation wondered how best to help people consider the topics of Marriage and Family? These articles teach best practices for doing so. They also recommend resources. As a Marriage and...

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“The focus of family ministry is to help Christians live their faith in and through their families.” With this declaration, Diana Garland, university teacher, parent and grandparent, embarks on a...

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“If churches, leaders, and practitioners are not fully informed about the forces confronting black families, they will feel ill equipped to minister in meaningful and transformative ways.” With...

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The Christian education approach to faith formation, with its classrooms, teachers, and age-level curricula, is a long-trusted model. Families at the Center proposes another way, one that “designs...

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“God bless you. I love you. Goodnight.” These were the words Rich Melheim and his sister heard every night as children, as their mother tucked them into bed. Her blessing was the final act of a...

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Parents are their children’s most effective teachers, asserts pastor, writer and teacher, Ron Hunter. Based on that conviction, Hunter founded D6 Family to empower parents as the primary...

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Convinced that “faith is more often caught than taught,” Homegrown Faith sets out to “help parents choose simple yet meaningful ways of living and teaching the Catholic faith at home.” With insight...

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By now, almost every seminary graduate has been introduced to Bowen Family Theory and Rabbi Edwin Friedman’s effective (and often winsome, even witty) adaptation of it to congregational life. The...

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When Michelle Anthony started out as a children’s minister some twenty-five years ago, her idea of children’s ministry was a full menu of church-centered programming headed up by staff and...

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