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During the 1950s, a psychiatrist named Murray Bowen created a new intervention for those with family members suffering from schizophrenia. Two decades later, Rabbi Edwin Friedman used Bowen’s...

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Center for Congregations President Tim Shapiro spoke with Tod Bolsinger of Fuller Theological Seminary and author of <a...

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Large generation to generation

This resource explores aspects of Bowen Family Theory using stories from the author's family and his experiences as a rabbi, ulitmately presenting the theory as tool to sustain a healthy life...

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This book equips leaders with the tools to see congregational conflict through a new perspective, a way to see the issue with a bird's eye view and respond to challenges with grace.

Large a door set open

This book covers the basics of systems theory, identifying reasons why congregations get stuck and how leaders can move forward by reframing how they see their challenges.

Large the hidden lives of congregations

This book takes leaders below the surface to unpack the corporate nature of church relationships and the invisible dynamics at play. Using the Bowen Systems theory to examine the workings of the...

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Lead congregational consultant, Susan Nienaber, has unique expertise because of her combined education and experience as a marriage and family therapist (LFMT) and her theological training...

Large lombard mennonite peace center

This organization offers hands-on training clinics and onsite consulting for nonviolent conflict resolution and transformation.

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This interactive, online resource center offers free faith formation tips and tools to build a “stronger, more faith-focused family.”

Large inside out families

Professor, researcher, and church consultant Diana Garland is all about Christian families and how they work. Here, Garland flips the traditional understanding of “family ministry” by defining...

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One of the most helpful aspects of Episcopal priest Anjel Scarborough’s account of her church’s closure is her depiction of signs of death and resurrection co-existing simultaneously. In churches...

Large preaching funerals

Rev. Peter Wherry has preached many funeral sermons and led many funeral services. Here he shares his knowledge and experience so that clergy can bring “perspective to pain” by being “pastoral,...

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