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A dollar offering 220x220
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The ritual of making an offering to a congregation has changed over the years. In one representation of the Reformed tradition, offering plates are passed from pew to pew after the sermon. I’m most...

One budget idea 220x220
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Sometimes funds are scarce. God has created the world abundant with water, trees, blue skies and people we love. Though we have what we need, we don't have everything. In congregations, this lack...

Its about life 220x220
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A generation ago, congregational observers noted that congregations experiencing growth were those which gave clear-cut, right and wrong, direction about life.

I want to note a subtle correction...

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Large a parishioners guide
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By its very content, this free downloadable pamphlet promotes an educated laity with respect to congregational finances. The content includes fifteen questions for laity to answer. The questions...

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Produced by Everance, a faith-based financial services organization and a ministry of the Mennonite Church USA,...

Large effective church finances

This book will help churches attain future financial stability and offers a process for initiating practives that support ministry and lead to healthier congregations.

Large the business of the church

This resource argues that responsibilies like finances and personnel are part of maintaining a healthy ministry.

Large you are invited

Well known and respected fundraising leader Brian Kluth’s small book has been translated into 30 languages. It is designed for personal study, group study or family study over a 40 day period. It...

Large administry

Written by a veteran pastor and consultant, this book provides insight for church leaders on how to manage a budget, organize personnel, and deal with the technical aspects of running an...

Large governance small cong uua

The Unitarian Universalists offer advice and additional resources in this excellent article about small congregations and their governing systems. The overall perspective is that “Small...

Large local church planned giving manual
Web resource

This is a very practical resource from the United Church of Christ, designed to help congregational leaders develop and manage a congregational Planned Giving ministry. It includes key information...

Large maximum generosity
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Stewardship and generosity are important principles for any congregation, but they can be difficult topics to address. Brian Kluth has created this site in order to aid congregations, nonprofits,...

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