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Center for Congregations President Tim Shapiro spoke with Hayim Herring, consultant, nonprofit organizational futurist and author of <a...

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“Foresight is 20/20” is not a typographical error. Rather, it relates to a theme that Dr. Terri Elton and I wrote about in our recent book, <a...

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Many congregational leaders know the importance of clear vision and mission statements. Some of us have experienced positive energy working with a team that articulates congregational hopes and...

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Large leaders make the future

Bob Johansen is a social scientist and futurist who served for ten years as the president of the Institute for the Future. He has a keen interest in values and religion. He also has a deep concern...

Large church inventive age

Many books try to forecast the future of Christianity, often with a fair amount of doom. Few books enlighten us to the unique opportunities of our day and how to seize them. Church in the Inventive...

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One of the appendices to this helpful book lists “8 Driving Forces Effecting the Future of the Faith”. This is a hopeful book designed primarily for Roman Catholic audiences in which the future...

Large turnaround and beyond

Turnaround and Beyond is a follow-up study to former pastor and author Ronald Crandall’s original research and book Turnaround Strategies for the Small Church. In Turnaround and Beyond, Crandall...

Large the future of the african american church

Two distinct perspectives, one from a seminary professor and one from a youth pastor, offer dialogue on timeless and timely topics facing today’s African American churches as well as congregations...

Large choosing change

It is one thing to prescribe what must happen in congregations to bring about renewal. It may be quite another thing to actually motivate a congregation to make the necessary changes. Peter Coutts...

Large the future church

As Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and Vatican analyst for National Public Radio, journalist John L. Allen, Jr. is well qualified to discuss current trends in the Catholic...

Large ancient faith

This collection of essays edited by Episcopal Church leaders Steven Croft, Ian Mobsby, and Stephanie Spellers adds to the conversation about the future of the Christian church in light of the...

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As a pastor, psychologist, and trained intentional interim minister, Robert Voyle takes a bit of a prophetic stance as he advocates for an increased number of trained intentional interims to serve...

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Over time there have been strong advocates of the multisite church growth model, and there have been vocal critics. Veterans of the Louisville, Kentucky area Sojourn Community Church (“One church....

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