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When I was young, I went to worship with my parents and six siblings. My stepfather prepared our offering envelopes the evening before worship. He placed a dollar in each envelope.

At the...

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The ritual of making an offering to a congregation has changed over the years. In one representation of the Reformed tradition, offering plates are passed from pew to pew after the sermon. I’m most...

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Congregational life includes beliefs. Some congregations ask folks to believe certain things in order to be members. Your congregation may welcome questions about certain beliefs. Your congregation...

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Large rambams ladder

Written from a Jewish perspective, this e-book reflects on the work of twelfth-century scholar Rabam and his ladder of generosity.

Large more or less

This lifestyle guide explores the themes of excess and generosity present in daily habits, and how paring down can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Large the paradox of generosity

The authors of this book provide arguments and data proving that increasing generosity can result in a more positive outlook, more energy, and positive relationships.

Large we make a life

This collection of essays offers a distinctive approach to generosity through reflections from a variety of perspectives.

Large enough

This personal finance book addresses generosity and faithful stewardship by beginning with personal finance and faith.

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This resource seeks to inspire and coach the individual congregation leader who wants to change the congregation's stewardship life for the better.

Large the stewardship companion

Designed for use as a reference, this book provides lectionary resources tied to stewardship for the purpose of rich worship and preaching.

Large maximum generosity
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Stewardship and generosity are important principles for any congregation, but they can be difficult topics to address. Brian Kluth has created this site in order to aid congregations, nonprofits,...

Large celebrating offering

Aimed at congregations seeking to make giving a central and joyful part of worship, this resource addresses generosity and stewardship in the Bible along with practices for celebrating the...

Large passing the plate

Written by sociologists, this book expands on why American Christians are reluctant to give, what could happen if they were more generous, and what congregations can do to increase generosity. ...

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