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Thumb 7 dos and donts welcome

Professor Melody Maxwell has visited a lot of congregations, and she reflects on her “guest”...

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This three-page document from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership may be brief, but it is full...

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Here the United Methodist Church (UMC) offers an article designed to help congregations become...

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If you get frustrated with seeing visitors walk through the front door and quickly exit out the...

Thumb first impressions

Today’s consumeristic culture makes it incumbent upon congregations to put their best foot...

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Making a great first impression can depend on whether first-time visitors see signs of facility...

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“The Mission of the Church Growth Network is to assist churches and Christian leaders to reach...

Thumb the work of the greeter

What may seem to be a simple “anybody can do it” type of ministry, giving an appropriate greeting...

Thumb 10 signals welcome

How does a congregation best say “So glad you are here; please, come again”? Here church leader...

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Here congregations gain access to three free, downloadable hospitality resources and one...