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Large listening caring skills

This practical resource offers suggestions and examples to help readers enhance their listening skills and narrow the communication gap, looking at various communication methods.

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Web resource

This website for the National Human Trafficking Hotline provides concerned congregations with free resources for education and response.

Large society for human resource management

The Society for Human Resource Management website archives articles, studies, and sample forms dedicated to human resources, and includes issues specific to faith-based organizations.

Large facing feelings

This resource notes the importance of congregations being emotionall compentent and provides insight into six basic feelings so that congregations can build more authentic relationships.

Large breathing under water

This resource shares unconventional wisdom about spirituality and human behavior, looking specifically at the issues of addiction.

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This organization addresses domestic human trafficking through clinical services, aftercare, awareness, outreach, and discipleship.

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This curriculum equips congregations and families for faith-based conversations on human sexuality, examining the topic from theological, ethical, biological, and practical perspectives.

Large a pastors toolbox2

The this all-encompassing guidebook explains how to manage a parish, addressing issues ranging from job discrimination to adapting to change.

Large emotional intelligence jesus

This resource uses the Bible, brain science, and psychology to depict the uses of emotional intellience within a ministry setting, offering clergy strategies for becoming more emotionally...

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This book offers stories and key strategies for conversation skills and meaningful human connection beyond digital devices.

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