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Large inst jewish spirituality

This organization provides practice-based learning cohorts, retreats, and leadership training for Jewish leaders and lay leaders.

Large sacred rhythms

This resource introduces the reader to seven key Christian spiritual practices and exercises that open the individual to God's love and transformation.

Large seeking god together

This resource provides clear and practical instructions on how to form and conduct a spiritual direction group so that individuals can experience what it means to be listened to by others.

Large when leadership spiritual direction meet

This resource challenges leaders to cultivate a new kind of leadership --- one that relied on the ancient practices related to spiritual direction.

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This organization partners with inner-city churches to develop new disciples while addressing the material needs of inner-city community members through resources and training.

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Written from an interfaith perspective, this resource brings together four streams of neurological research to explore the meaning of Spiritual Intelligence.

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This article defines Spiritual Intelligence and classifies the skills and behaviors of Spiritual Intelligence into four quadrants.

Large spiritual disciplines handbook

This reference book on Christian spiritual disciplines for congregations and individuals offers infomation about specific spiritual practices, creative exercises, and applications to practice...

Large immortal diamond

This deeply theological and spiritual book aims to help readers help their true selves, discussing topics ranging from the Holy Spirit to the inner human experience.

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This organization offers retreats for Christian leaders focused on spiritual formation themes and practices, spiritual disciplines, and nurturing one's inner self. The program includes nine...

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