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Interviewing clergy staff 220x218
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It doesn’t matter if the workplace is a hospital or a grocery store, finding the right people is key to effectiveness. This is true for congregations too.

How does your congregation find...

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There are three questions to ask regarding almost any building project your congregation is considering. Addressing these questions can help your project succeed. When building projects go well,...

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What does marriage have in common with congregational life? There is one thing in particular: both flourish when the ratio of positive validation to negative criticism is five to one in favor of...

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Web resource

Relational youth ministry at its most authentic is not a means of influencing young people. It is a caring presence in their lives. Youth ministry expert and parent, Andrew Root, calls this...

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Web resource

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly website summarizes and adds to the television broadcast, which is anchored by veteran journalist Robert Abernethy and offers a companion viewers’ guide,...

Large pastoral search journey

Supplemented by sample surveys, forms, and interview questions, this resource will equip clergy search committees with the necessary tools to find a new pastor.

Large selecting fundraising consultants

Compiled from interviews with consultants and congregational leaders, this article is designed to help congregations find the best person to lead a capital campaign.

Large you lost me
Web resource

This web resource provides an interview with the author of a book and ground breaking study which highlights three components of youth and young adult ministry that are most likely to keep them...

Large striving toward multi ethnic church
Web resource

This web resource provides an interview with Rev. Dr. Geraldo Marti, host Shirley Hoogstra of Calvin College, who explains that there is no formula for growing an intercultural church but there...

Large before you hire a youth pastor

This resource offers readers everything they need before hiring its next youth pastor, ranging from sample job descriptions to how to conduct an interview.

Large small town america

This resource draws from research and interviews to accurately depict small town America.

Large protestant latino worship practices resource guide

This resource compiles nine articles in English that Spanish that feature interviews with Protestant North American Latino worship leaders, pastors, and musicians.

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Based on 100 in-depth interviews, this resource shines a light on why people opt out of congregational membership, but not their faith.

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