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Large inst jewish spirituality

This organization provides practice-based learning cohorts, retreats, and leadership training for Jewish leaders and lay leaders.

Large the jewish lights

This resource compiles wisdom from 50 Jewish spiritual leaders meant to explore the layers and applications of Jewish spirituality.

Large living a jewish life

This resource provides a primer on Jewish life and customs, describing and explaining important Jewish celebrations and practices.

Large joy

This resource explores the Black Church's longstanding history with contemplative practice through the author's research of oral tradition, church records, and written accounts.

Large center for action contemplation

This organization provides online resources for individuals and congregations to learn and engage in contemplative practice and compassionate action.

Large spirituality practice
Web resource

This web resource, Spirituality and Practice, was created to celebrate and support the axis of all world religions and spiritual paths-the intersection of spirituality and practice.

Large to be a jew

Divided into four parts, this resource provides a comprehensive guide related to contemporary Jewish life for those wanting to reclaim their Jewish roots or have a refresher course in Jewish...

Large lifecycle and rituals
Web resource

The website of the Union for Reform Judaism, provides information on topics such as lifecycle passages that includes short articles on subjects such as birth rituals, weddings, kaddish, Jewish...

Large kolaleph symbol
Web resource

This website for The Alliance for Jewish Renewal encourages reform and revitalization of Judaism throughout the world by emphasizing meaningful spiritual practices, reinvigorating Jewish...

Large jewish choices

This book provides a variety of Jewish voices and opinions on the topic of money --- how it relates to employment, debt, and the caring for children.

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