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Large the social church

This book provides perspective on social media from the viewpoint of Martin Luther and how congregational leaders can make sense out of new platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Large interim ministry positive change

This resource offers a comprehensive review of interim ministry, and includes strategies and actions interim pastors can take to lead congregations through change.

Large the future of the african american church

Two distinct perspectives, one from a seminary professor and one from a youth pastor, offer dialogue on timeless and timely topics facing today’ s African American churches as well as...

Large fontawesome f02d 9  1024

This story-based approach to fundraising will help churches tackle capital campaigns, endowments, and general fund drives.

Large how to talk with sick dying grieving

This resource provides insights and stories to help pastoral caregivers and clergy walk wisely and compassionately with those who are suffering.

Large toxic charity

Based off the premise that charities more often hurt the people they hope to help than not, this resource recommneds a new model for charitable groups that shift from relief to the spiritual...

Large fontawesome f02d 9  1024

This book for LGBTQ-affirming black churches addresses the institutional prejudice LGBTQ people experience. This resource shares reflections from scholars and prominent faith leaders.

Large egive

This online donation software includes a variety of giving options to make it easy for congregants to donate.

Large living fully dying well

This DVD invites viewers to adopt a perspective of later life that is both practical and hopeful.

Large meditations of the heart

This classic collection of meditations provide clergy and laity with a source of inspiration and sustenance.

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