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As a pastor, have you earned enough pastoral capital to accomplish what you seek to do?

In seminary, my leadership professor described the importance of building capital with parishioners. We...

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Here’s a secret for you. The Center for Congregations in Indiana has learned something while working with 3500 congregations that we want to share with you.

Ready? Here it is.

A congregation...

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Leadership is leading people to the place they’d go if they only knew how. This is the definition of leadership I learned from my friend Dr. James Rafferty.

Such leadership happens in the small...

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Large empowering laity

This practical resource gives readers helpful approaches and suggestions for engaging laity in congregational leadership, and would be helpful for Christian congregations that struggle with...

Large the equipping church guidebook

This biblically-based guidebook details a vision and strategy for implementing a congregational collaborative ministry.

Large stephenministries

Stephen Ministries is dedicated to providing resources and training for congregations to establish a ministry of care for those in the midst of crisis, grief, and other challenging life...

Large discover your conflict management style

This resource will help the reader identify their conflict management tendencies before zooming out and revealing how those tendencies play out in larger congregational conflict, offering...

Large lives entrusted

This resource looks at topics such as misconduct, authenticity, testimony, vulnerability, and power within the context of trust --- how clergy and laity can build trust with intentionality and...

Large meditations of the heart

This classic collection of meditations provide clergy and laity with a source of inspiration and sustenance.

Large celebrating offering

Aimed at congregations seeking to make giving a central and joyful part of worship, this resource addresses generosity and stewardship in the Bible along with practices for celebrating the...

Large go the distance

Part of a three-book series, this specific resource focuses on volunteers and covers topics such as evaluation, communication, and the role of leaders.

Large moving forward

Part one in a three-book series, this resource focuses on helping leaders recruit and train volunteers.

Large becoming a congregation of learners

This book outlines five stages to transform synagogues into learning congregations.

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