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Center for Congregations CRG Director Aaron Spiegel spoke with Gerardo Martí about his recent CRG guest blog post....

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Latino Protestants are experiencing remarkable growth, according to Pew Research Center. Pew reports that by 2030, half of all Latinos in America will be Protestant. While some gather in Latino...

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Large the ethnic church

This article identifies three distinct ethnic characteristics of congregations frequented by Latinos.

Large latino protestants in america

Based on a study of various congregations and Latino Protestants, this resource details an accurate view of Latino Protestantism in America today.

Large protestant latino worship practices resource guide

This resource compiles nine articles in English that Spanish that feature interviews with Protestant North American Latino worship leaders, pastors, and musicians.

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Leadership Network's website is committed to helping ministry professionals learn from each other and is dedicated to moving churches from ideas to implementation to impact

Large pentecost journey

This comprehensive program is aimed at helping churches become more intentional with outreach to Hispanic and Latino cultures.

Large worship for the whole

This practical guide gives readers a theological background on worship and expands knowledge on how different cultures worship so that congregations may create worship services that suits their...

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Working Preacher is a website from Luther Seminary focused on preaching, and because the emphasis is on resources for the pastor who preaches in a local congregation, it is practical,...

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