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Church planting is different than establishing satellites, multi-sites, a new worship service or a separate non-profit. Church planting is establishing a new congregation in a new location. This...

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During the 1950s, a psychiatrist named Murray Bowen created a new intervention for those with family members suffering from schizophrenia. Two decades later, Rabbi Edwin Friedman used Bowen’s...

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In 2010 more new congregations began than closed. Studies shows that trend is continuing into and perhaps past mid-decade. Are you considering starting a new congregation? The book Launch might...

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Many congregations are struggling against decline, with few handles on How? and Why? and even fewer practical tools to help them respond. In Unstuck, congregational expert, Morgan, equips readers...

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Top 10 lists are helpful because they clarify the complicated. They also provide boundaries in a world where we sometimes don’t have enough signs that tell us when and where to start or stop. ...

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These two coaches/consultants want you to learn from the mistakes that others have made. Not only is there no reason to reinvent the wheel, there is no reason to reinvent the Pinto (a not so great...

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This book will not offer you best practices related to church planting. What it will do is offer you a framework by which you can pray and think about your specific, unique efforts at church...

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“Does your church have a focused goal or vision for preschool and grade-school ministry?” With this question, children’s ministry specialist, Janice Haywood, launches a conversation on the range of...

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“Food is more than fuel, it is communion.” With this conviction, environmental activist, Schut, launches a collection of reflections on the sanctity of eating, alongside the moral, spiritual and...

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“Children’s ministry isn’t about building fun, entertaining programs for children so parents will be able to attend church without being interrupted.” Rather, veteran children’s ministers, Ivy...

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Topics and trends in youth ministry from Holy Week devotional videos to a discussion on dangerous phone apps, leaders will find content that is informative, inspirational or practical - or all...

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“Get yourself a teacher, find yourself a friend, and judge everyone favorably.” With these words from the Pirkei Avot and a promise never to preach or offer easy answers, The JGuy’s Guide launches...

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