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Youth ministry 220x220
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The purpose of youth ministry is to foster the personal development of faith, theology and relationships for young people ages 6th-12th grades. This usually happens through a variety of lessons,...

Relationships 220x215
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The vitality of the relationship between clergy and the congregation is almost always an indicator of the degree to which a congregation is flourishing.

In the best situations, the relationship...

The challenge of partnering 220x220
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Congregational partnerships can be challenging.

If a congregation needs help with something beyond its grasp, its leaders are often advised to join efforts with another congregation or another...

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Large church assessment tools
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The Church Assessment Tool (CAT), created by {{Holy Cow Consulting | https://holycowconsulting.com/}}, helps those seeking accurate data in preparation for one or more of the following: pastoral...

Large field guide small group

Sam O’Neal is a small group leader and former managing editor of smallgroups.com. Synthesizing his learning from his time with smallgroups.com, O’Neal provides this work as training and direction...

Large catalyst leader

Catalyst Leader helps disciples “learn what it means to be a whole leader and to live the full life God desires for us.” Appealing to young adults and an Evangelical perspective, anyone interested...

Large protege

This five-part resource by leadership development specialist and author Steve Saccone taps into one of the most challenging issues for many churches: how to find and nurture leaders for the next...

Large leaders make the future

Bob Johansen is a social scientist and futurist who served for ten years as the president of the Institute for the Future. He has a keen interest in values and religion. He also has a deep concern...

Large empowering laity

Authors and denominational leaders Susan Gillies and Ingrid Dvirnak combine their ministry experience and communication skills in this practical resource that gives readers helpful approaches,...

Large youth leader training on the go

Organizing training materials and events for youth leaders is one thing; getting leaders to attend is a whole other challenge. But what if you had the materials and could personalize them and take...

Large making small groups work

Dr. Henry Cloud is a clinical psychologist and leadership consultant with bachelor’s and doctoral degrees in psychology. Dr. John Townsend is also a psychologist and co-founder of Cloud-Townsend...

Large nine keys small group

Carl George, through his experience as a pastor and Church Growth Institute director, has aided numerous congregations in improving small group ministry. George’s stated objective in this work is...

Large smallgroupscom
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This vast library of resources for small group ministry is organized around four categories: building small group ministry, training leaders, leading groups and bible study materials. Articles are...

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