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In October 2012, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life reported that, based on new data, 19.5% of Americans register no religious affiliation. This is an almost five percent increase over the...

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Center for Congregations CRG Director Aaron Spiegel spoke with Gerardo Martí about his recent CRG guest blog post....

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Latino Protestants are experiencing remarkable growth, according to Pew Research Center. Pew reports that by 2030, half of all Latinos in America will be Protestant. While some gather in Latino...

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The Church Assessment Tool (CAT), created by {{Holy Cow Consulting | https://holycowconsulting.com/}}, helps those seeking accurate data in preparation for one or more of the following: pastoral...

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Congregations interested in cultivating a greater sense of evangelical identity may find this ecumenical resource to be of help in the week-to-week consideration of outreach and sharing the gospel....

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Many mainline congregations have experienced loss of participants due to many factors. One of the attractive features of this short book is the no-nonsense approach of its authors. The...

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Elesha J. Coffman is Assistant Professor of Church History at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. In this book, she uses the magazine The Christian Century as the marker or metaphor to...

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Bicycle riders who use pedal clips can perform at a higher level by using both the upward and downward pedaling motion to propel them forward. In Clip In, a veteran pastor and an educator...

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Watch this engaging video presentation about how an established but faltering congregation understands and celebrates its congregational renewal. First Presbyterian Church in Homestead, Florida...

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Gil Rendle is a reliable source of congregational resources and practical advice. As a United Methodist pastor and a long-time consultant with the Texas Methodist Foundation, he has deep experience...

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“Worship is the most important thing small membership churches do, and preaching is the heart of worship.” So claims a veteran pastor and pastor-trainer in this wise and practical book....

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Prayerful planning for the eventualities of old age and death is a key to facing older life without fear. In Living Fully, Dying Well, a retired United Methodist bishop and experts in the field of...

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If one had to choose only one resource for understanding and implementing ministry with older adults, this issue of Lifelong Faith Journal is the one to have. Chock full of theoretical and...

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