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Congregational partnerships can be challenging.

If a congregation needs help with something beyond its grasp, its leaders are often advised to join efforts with another congregation or another...

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Large theres hope for your church

This resource offers 30 questions congregations should consider before undergoing a merger, including logistics such as the commute for congregates, to broader topics like clergy strengths and...

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This book offers a proven model to ensure the success of a church merger, one that looks more like a fresh start versus a last-ditch effort that will only delay decline. Here, a merger is...

Large better together

This book walks congregational leaders through each step of a successful church merger, and includes an easy-to-follow assessment to determine if this is the right step for your church.

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Pastoral Care, Inc., an ecumenical organization dedicated to providing pastoral support to clergy, has created a downloadable discussion guide for leaders and small groups in discernment about a...

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Writer for SmartChurchManagement.com Patricia Lotich advises churches considering a merger to explore ten key issues that will impact the merger’s success: doctrine, church culture, governance,...

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Mergers are complicated. It can be helpful to hear from someone who has taken on a complicated task as you embark on the same. This short article consists of an interview with Craig Bishop,...

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Church Law Group attorney David Middlebrook conducts this interview with author and church consultant Jim Tomberlin. The twenty-three minute YouTube video focuses on questions about church mergers....

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The key to all mergers is relationships. That is what Kristy Rutter emphasizes in this short blog about congregational mergers. Ms. Rutter works with New Campus Development for the Chapel, a...

Large merging congregations

Literature on synagogue mergers is hard to find. In this contribution, merger administrator, Brenner, offers insights and practical tools to guide leaders thru the intricacies of the merger...

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This resource uses the example of one church to discuss concepts such as ministry assessment surveys, local missionaries, community outreach, and church growth, all while emphasizing a focus on...

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