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Most people can carry a casual conversation with a young adult. If that seems like a challenge in your congregation, check out the first part of this blog <a...

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In a gathering of congregational leaders, the word “millennial” enters the conversation. A wave of uneasiness settles in — judgment, honest confusion or distress. What is the future of our...

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Is your congregation seeking to reach out to young adults? Many congregations are. There can be both excitement and anxiety about engaging the generation commonly called millennials.

Not every...

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Large the new copernicans

Written by a cultural analyst and theologian, this resource explores the lives of the millennial generation and makes sense of the generational disconnect felt across America.

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Written from an evangelical perspective, this book outlines the results of a large-scale survey of millennials, offering an interpretation of its findings and outlining recommendations for...

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This website offers statistics and information about Millennials in a collection of easy to read articles.

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This research-based guide dives into how to strategically engage Millennials as constituents, volunteers, donors and employees.

Large social movements

Based on research of millennials and their patterns of giving, this resource helps readers understand why people get involved to make a difference and how to sustain positive changes.

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This book reflects on what it means to belong, leave, and rediscover the church, particularly for millennials. By drawing insight from the author's personal story in addition to others, this...

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This book looks at generational realities through a faith lens, exploring the ways congregations can bring younger and older generations together using universal responses.

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This collection of African American narratives and statistics offers practical strategies to reach and disciple Black young adults.

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This brief article offers common sense advice that can help any congregation welcome and engage young adults.

Large how we gather

This 22-page report helps readers understand how younger generations meet in community.

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