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April 19, 2016

Young Adults and Your Congregation


The challenge of partnering 220x220

May 4, 2016

The Challenge of Partnering

Congregational Vitality

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December 11, 2015

Your Local Community – Abundant Possibility | CRG - Blog

Public Ministry

Thumb sustainable youth ministry

Mark DeVries, founder of Youth Ministry Architects, gives congregations struggling with youth...

Thumb mutualministry

Community ministry takes many forms in congregations. One form of community ministry focuses on...

Thumb group childrens ministry
Web resource

Teachers and ministry leaders will find free tips, tools and articles on a variety of topics,...

Thumb ministry architects

Youth ministry with staying power has a clearly defined mission and vision, and it engages the...

Thumb youth ministry 21st century

Five youth ministry practitioners describe their unique perspectives and critique one another’s...

Thumb multidimensional ministry

“If churches, leaders, and practitioners are not fully informed about the forces confronting...

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Thumb disaster ministry handbook

Yes, a disaster can disrupt civil life in your community. And, yes, your congregation is...

Thumb what is health ministry
Web resource

This is a clear and helpful explanation of what health ministry is, why faith communities need to...

Thumb pure ministries

PURE Ministries (Perfectly created by a loving sovereign God; Unique in his or her own gifts,...

Thumb formational childrens ministry

It is time for a new model of how the church equips children through faith formation. Ivy...