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Many congregational leaders know the importance of clear vision and mission statements. Some of us have experienced positive energy working with a team that articulates congregational hopes and...

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Increasingly, all kinds of congregations are actively externally focused. I’ve observed this since 2008. The change is remarkable. Really!

The energy is so powerful. The conversations exciting....

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The priest stands in the sanctuary. He is near the front pew, facing the back of the sanctuary looking at a tall stained glass window. The image is abstract – it is bright, blue, red and orange....

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The Church Assessment Tool (CAT), created by {{Holy Cow Consulting | https://holycowconsulting.com/}}, helps those seeking accurate data in preparation for one or more of the following: pastoral...

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In this book, noted author and internationally known missional church leader, Alan Roxburgh, joins forces with organizational consultant and psychologist Fred Romanuk to promote missional church...

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Since the 1998 publication of Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America, the term “missional” has been defined and developed in a myriad of ways. These two authors...

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If you or your congregational members or leaders are wondering what being a “missional church” means, this introductory article by Presbyterian denominational leader and former pastor Bill Reinhold...

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The Missional church movement has intrigued many congregational leaders as a way to grow their churches through neighborhood involvement. Alan Roxburgh, founder and lead consultant of The Missional...

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The Missional Network explores the rapidly changing reality of Christianity from church-oriented to community-oriented, and provides a range of supportive services and products for congregations...

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The Shapeline Missional Series seeks to invite readers to seize the possibilities of embracing a comprehensive missional church perspective: church planting, urban mission, evangelism and social...

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This short, but intelligent work is a reflection on the development of missional church theology. Growing out of the concern that the church has lost part of its reason for being has led to what...

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How can a congregation move from surviving to thriving? By shifting the focus outwardly with a concern for the community’s well-being, churches of all sizes are discovering new vitality. Becoming...

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Drifting off course is a constant danger in any organization, congregation or non-profit. Internal pressures, like the makeup of the board and changes in leadership, and external pressures, such as...

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