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Faith and money 218x220
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When I was young, I went to worship with my parents and six siblings. My stepfather prepared our offering envelopes the evening before worship. He placed a dollar in each envelope.

At the...

A dollar offering 220x220
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The ritual of making an offering to a congregation has changed over the years. In one representation of the Reformed tradition, offering plates are passed from pew to pew after the sermon. I’m most...

One budget idea 220x220
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Sometimes funds are scarce. God has created the world abundant with water, trees, blue skies and people we love. Though we have what we need, we don't have everything. In congregations, this lack...

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Large jewish choices

This book provides a variety of Jewish voices and opinions on the topic of money --- how it relates to employment, debt, and the caring for children.

Large money and faith

This article teaches the redemptive link between faith and money, highlighting a philosophy of generosity from the ...

Large church money manual

Written by a church growth consultant, this straightforward guide provides potential solutions for the various financial issues congregations can face.

Large preaching and stewardship

This theological guide provides a positive framework through which to view church stewardship, and focuses on the three essential questions congregations should ask.

Large passing the plate

Written by sociologists, this book expands on why American Christians are reluctant to give, what could happen if they were more generous, and what congregations can do to increase generosity. ...

Large panel discussion preaching
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The topic of stewardship encompasses more than money, but this panel discussion by preachers, teachers and denominational leaders focuses on the financial aspect because it is the area preachers...

Large kitchen table giving

This book details how to elicit more giving by building trust.

Large giving and stewardship

This book provides clergy and congregational leaders with a four year plan of how to grow and develop stewardship.

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