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October 22, 2018

The Multicultural Congregation

Congregational Vitality

Thumb against the current

Daniel Hill is the founding and senior pastor of River City Community Church in Chicago. This...

Thumb building a healthy multi ethnic church

Pastor Mark DeYmaz leads a diverse congregation with people who have roots in more than thirty...

Thumb being the church in a multi ethnic community

Perhaps the greatest service the authors provide as they address the theme of being the church in...

Thumb post black post white

Combining the resources of both the multicultural and missional church movements, Efrem Smith...

Thumb striving toward multi ethnic church
Web resource

In an interview with Rev. Dr. Geraldo Marti, host Shirley Hoogstra of Calvin College invites his...

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Mosaix Global Network was founded in 2004 by Dr. Mark DeYmaz and Dr. George Yancey. Mosaix was...

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Thumb the color of church

Multi-racial church pastor Rodney Woo believes that the Christian church is called to be...

Thumb korean american churches

While generational differences, spiritual practices, and worship traditions are issues in any...

Thumb church leaders guide immigration

A highly practical resource, this guide was designed for church leaders on the front lines of...

Thumb out of silence

Like three sides of a triangle that form one shape, three district parts of the Asian American...

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