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I'm having more conversations with congregations that characterize themselves as multicultural.
For example, I met with a governing board of a Caucasian congregation that had recently welcomed 20...

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Center for Congregations CRG Director Aaron Spiegel spoke with Gerardo Martí about his recent CRG guest blog post....

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Large becoming a multi cultural church

This book tells the story of one mainline Massachusetts congregation which moved from being a “traditional” church of one social grouping to a multicultural and numerically much larger church. The...

Large a many colored kingdom

The research seems clear: the United States is becoming increasingly multicultural-in its cities and towns, its civic institutions, and not surprisingly, in its churches. Professors Elizabeth...

Large crossing the ethnic divide

This scholarly yet quite readable book is an ethnographic study of a single evangelical multicultural congregation in Los Angeles. The selected congregation is ethnically diverse in an ethnically...

Large ethnic specific
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Ethnic Specific and Multicultural Ministries, the term used on the denominational website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), guides the user to a general category page as well as...

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A multicultural congregation represents the racial, cultural, generational and other diversity represented in the congregation. In this blog, author Ryk Van Velden answers the question “What is a...

Large out of silence

Like three sides of a triangle that form one shape, three district parts of the Asian American church in North American shape its past, present, and future. Fumitaka Matsaoko, Pacific School of...

Large korean american churches

While generational differences, spiritual practices, and worship traditions are issues in any faith community, they seem especially prevalent in ethnic congregations. In this article, examples of...

Large critical minds

Professor of ministry and pastoral theology Kathleen Talvacchia concludes that being hospitable and providing a hospitable environment is key to creating an effective multi-cultural learning...

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The Mission of the Kaleidoscope Institute is to provide resources to equip church leaders to create sustainable churches and communities. The organization began with the work of Episcopal priest,...

Large the african american lectionary
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This website is a key online resource for clergy that follow the lectionary. It is particularly formed for an African American audience. It is a collaborative project of The African American...

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