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“Foresight is 20/20” is not a typographical error. Rather, it relates to a theme that Dr. Terri Elton and I wrote about in our recent book, <a...

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Center for Congregations President Tim Shapiro spoke with Hayim Herring, consultant, nonprofit organizational futurist and author of <a...

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On my way to work, I drive by two church buildings. One building used to be the home of a Methodist congregation, the other formerly a home for a Roman Catholic congregation. The people have gone...

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Large nonprofit law

Religious nonprofits know what side of the law they want to be on; but getting there is the question. In this highly practical and helpful book, Bruce Hopkins and David Middlebrook help...

Large starting a nonprofit

This thorough treatment of the subject provides any congregation the necessary tools to decide whether or not starting a nonprofit organization is in the best interest of the congregation and of...

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This book targets small nonprofits and will be useful to any congregation seeking to evaluate particular programs or ministries in a systematic way. Beginning with some definitions of evaluation...

Large should your church start a nonprofit

The acknowledged expert on this question, Joy Skjegstad draws from her speaking and consulting as well as her book (Starting a Nonprofit at Your Church) to offer congregations an 800-word sketch...

Large starting a nonprofit

This article is a concise yet comprehensive overview of the steps to creating a successful nonprofit organization, from conducting a needs analysis to outlining a business plan. While the article...

Large the budget building book

Believing that an accurate and systematic method of constructing a budget is imperative for nonprofits, the authors combine their business, software, and financial consulting experience in this...

Large thinking of forming a nonprofit

This 25-page booklet offers an overview of the questions to ask and the steps to take in determining whether or not to start a non-profit organization and how to begin. It walks the reader through...

Large irs

This surprisingly user-friendly section of the Internal Revenue Service website offers useful information for congregations seeking to clarify their nonprofit status and the related legal...

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If just thinking about your organization’s financial processes and procedures gives you a headache, then CPAs Dan Busby and John VanDrunan and money manager J. Michael Martin’s work, Church and...

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This pre-recorded webinar is a survey of tax-exempt status topics for churches and religious organizations. The presenter is IRS Senior Tax Law Specialist Virginia Robinson, who offers a 45-minute...

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