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July 25, 2018


Large knowing when to re evaluate2

The scenario is too common: your children’s ministry is spread too thin. Your worship team feels overstretched. Twenty percent of your members are participating in ministry, and 80 percent are...

Large better bylaws

Creating an equitable framework for self-governance is a difficult task for a congregation. Former law professor and author Benson Tesdahl meets this challenge via a congregation’s bylaws, offering...

Large leading congregations nonprofits connected world

Congregations are finding that hierarchical organizational structures limit their ability to think and act creatively. Good ideas don’t get implemented in a reasonable timespan. Often, the people...

Large little book healthy organizations

Congregations may be interested in the short and practical “Little Book of Healthy Organizations”, a modest volume with advice about organizational structure, leadership, culture and environment....

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Large when moses meets aaron

Pastors and lay leaders know that hiring, supervising, and evaluating staff are among the most challenging - and often most poorly handled - tasks facing congregations. Clergy leaders of...

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