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December 11, 2015

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The singular focus of this by-monthly, non-denominational magazine for Christian churches is clear. It covers many of the numerous aspects related to Christian outreach to the local and worldwide...

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What do congregations need to know about the way young adults, age 18-34, think and communicate? This collection of nine articles seeks to break through myths and stereotypes to inform and equip...

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What is the core value underlying the missional church idea? Brad Brisco argues that because the church no longer holds the kind of dominance in western culture that it once did, there is a fresh...

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This informative, straightforward 2 minute video is a simple introduction to missional church ideas and expectations. It is the work of Jeff Maguire, lead pastor of Mariners Church in Mission...

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Large moving back

Congregations seeking relationships and partnerships with their neighbors and hoping for a gospel influence in their contexts will appreciate this workbook offered by Missional Network leader, Alan...

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Looking to be an “out there” rather than an “in here” church? This source explores new possibilities for becoming a neighborhood-based faith community. The process begins by asking, “What is God...

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If your congregation wants a missional presence in your neighborhood, check out this list of twenty-five practical, inexpensive, and easily implemented ideas from pastor and church planter Josh...

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Baptist pastor Zach Williams poses a very interesting question for congregations struggling to understand their purpose. He asks Christians to consider if the church is primarily for the benefit of...

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Trending now? Externally focused or what are called “missional” congregations, says Eric Swanson, author and Leadership Network’s Community Director. Swanson narrates this YouTube video that...

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This book describes 101 different acts of kindness that a congregation could provide people in its local community. The author served for years as lead pastor of a Vineyard Community Church in the...

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