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The challenge of partnering 220x220
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Congregational partnerships can be challenging.

If a congregation needs help with something beyond its grasp, its leaders are often advised to join efforts with another congregation or another...

Plannedgiving 220x201
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Planned giving doesn’t need to be a complicated challenge for your congregation. By following these principles, your congregation can start securing the financial future of your...

The only one who wasnt lost canoeing 220x218
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“The future is already here, it is just on the margins.” 
-Dave Gibbons, author and pastor of Newsong Church, Santa Ana, California


On February 11, 1805, a...

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Large pillars of faith

Based on a qualitative study of American congregations and their varied partnerships, this resource offers a comprehensive picture on the ways congregations leverage the strength of partnership...

Large childrens ministry that works

Aimed at children's ministry staffs, this resource underlines the importance of accommodating various learning styles.

Large partners for sacred places

This organization assists congregations in making the best stewardship use of religious facilities, particularly those of historic value or in urban settings.

Large fontawesome f0f7 0  1024

This organization provides resources and works with congregations in decline to diagnose and identify how to use the assets of the congregation to empower other faith communities.

Large endangered churches

This 10-minute video survets the changing landscape of sacred buildings in Philadelphia.

Large learning mission living mission

This resource presents the Missional Church Learning Experience as a potential model to help congregations develop missional projects with partnering churches to share experiences and ensure...

Large cfms
Web resource

This facility management software offers a variety of resources including an online membership community and monthy webinars.

Large doing justice

This resource looks at community organizing at the congregational level, encouraging congregations to take their commitment to social justice to the next level.

Large guide for developing high quality emergency operations
Web resource

This four-section guide developed by FEMA helps congregational leaders create an up-to-date emergency operations plan in case of a natural disaster or an active shooter.

Large think orange

This resource captures the impact congregations make when they use a more holistic and organic approach to children's and youth ministry.

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