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June 6, 2018

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November 6, 2017


Large listening caring skills

If you are someone who too-often experiences interpersonal communication as distressing, confusing, or unsuccessful, then this resource from United Methodist pastor and communications consultant...

Large compassionatefriends

This excellent video shares the devastation and grief of family members as they tell their stories and experiences. Their diversity of situations helps to give understanding to the ways grief is...

Large the caring congregation

Karen Lampe leads care ministry and training at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. Her book on The Caring Congregation is a manual for congregational care...

Large caring ministry contemplative approach

Although the title may indicate otherwise, the author writes for all people engaged in caring ministry. At the heart of the book is the author’s belief that “caring ministry is about what we know...

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Some subjects are too uncomfortable for congregations and individuals to discuss because they are “close to home.” The Mennonite Publishing Network in partnership with the Mennonite Church and...

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Hospitals can be intimidating places, even for those whose vocation regularly takes them there. In this article, a nurse and spiritual care administrator reveals what hospital staff and patients...

Large how to talk with sick dying grieving

There are (at least) five things NOT to do when ministering with sick, dying, and grieving people, asserts a pastor and chaplain who has learned them all the hard way: Don’t defend God, for...

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Think of this as a text for Pastoral Care 101. Expert-authored essays are arranged in four parts. Part One fosters reflection on one’s “foundational theology”. Part Two is a broadly practical...

Large grief

John Kennedy Saynor accompanies the viewer on a journey through the unfamiliar territory of grief, using images, music and words to aid in understanding the experience of grief. Saynor describes...

Large dont sing songs heavy heart

The writer speaks as a care-giver for a loved one who suffered through a difficult illness and subsequently died. This experience was followed by careful research with more than four thousand...

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