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As a pastor, have you earned enough pastoral capital to accomplish what you seek to do?

In seminary, my leadership professor described the importance of building capital with parishioners. We...

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Large capital campaigns strategies that work

This book provides the nuts-and-bolts of creating a capital campaign, covering everything from brainstorming ideas and timelines to execution.

Large selecting fundraising consultants

Compiled from interviews with consultants and congregational leaders, this article is designed to help congregations find the best person to lead a capital campaign.

Large stewardship for vital congregations

This resource connects purpose and vision with stewardship towards the goal of a thriving ministry for the future.

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This story-based approach to fundraising will help churches tackle capital campaigns, endowments, and general fund drives.

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This book outlines forms of political-theological orentiation in the Black church. Then the author suggests how to mobilize interfaith coalitions that promote "poverty alleviation, racial...

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This resource for volunteer staff offers endless ideas and resources on how to identify community assets, analyze community problems, build social capital, and more.

Large debt campaigns can work

This article focuses on capital campaigns whose purpose is to reduce congregational debt.

Large church money manual

Written by a church growth consultant, this straightforward guide provides potential solutions for the various financial issues congregations can face.

Large church growth services2

Church Growth Services is a church-focused consultancy with over 50 years of experience assisting congregations with fundraising and capital campaigns. They emphasize a “Stewardship of Life”...

Large beyond fundraising

This book covers all aspects of congregational stewardship, ranging from the spirituality of giving to the need for strategic planning in fundraising efforts.

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