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What is appreciative inquiry?

Appreciate Inquiry (AI) is an inquiry-based process of leveraging a congregation’s strengths rather than its weaknesses to imagine and create a vibrant future. AI works well with other asset-based processes, such as World Café and Asset Mapping. AI has four phases and begins by...

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Getting started with AI

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The process usually starts with a small committee that studies Appreciative Inquiry. Then they should ask:

  1. Why do we want to use Appreciative Inquiry?
  2. Who would be involved with the process?
  3. What other processes have we tried in the past?  What was our experience and how did it impact the...
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Thumb the power of ai


Drawing on a diverse group of organizations and settings, the authors, who are nationally known Appreciative Inquiry experts, illustrate the many ways Appreciative Inquiry can be used successfully....

Thumb positive change for congregations


Far more than “happy talk,” positive change processes refer to a series of techniques and tools that help congregations to identify their life-giving core and design a preferred future. This...

Thumb group processes that facilitate positive change


Recent studies and congregational experience show that a positive approach can successfully address “adaptive” or non-technical issues in a way that a focus on problem-solving cannot. This article,...

Thumb appreciative leadership


Based on extensive personal and focus group interviews using Appreciative Inquiry questions, the authors, who are nationally known experts in the field of organizational leadership and development,...

Thumb ai catholic church


An excellent resource for Catholic parishes and organizations interested in learning about and using Appreciative Inquiry. Written from a Catholic perspective, the book offers stories from Catholic...

Thumb applying positive deviance ad


Positive deviance is an asset-based approach used to address many social challenges. It has been used in third world countries. It has been employed by those trying to solve United States inner...

Thumb ai summit


Practitioners and facilitators with a working knowledge of Appreciative Inquiry will find this book a very practical guide for designing and implementing an Appreciative Inquiry Summit. This book,...

Thumb memories


Mark Lau Branson, associate professor of ministry of the laity at Fuller Theological Seminary, tells the unfolding story of First Presbyterian Church in Altadena, California and its experience...

Thumb the power of asset mapping


For congregations who wish to take a deeper look at what they really have at their disposal for mission and ministry, this readily accessible and helpful workbook is a powerful ally. Its purpose is...

Thumb thin book appreciative inquiry


This national best-selling book is consultant Sue Hammond’s journey into organizational change dynamics learned from David Cooperrider of Case Western Reserve University. Appreciative Inquiry (AI)...

Thumb interim ministry positive change


Justin Tull brings his extensive education and experience as a pastor to bear on this resource that offers a comprehensive review of interim ministry through the lens of two congregations where...

Thumb appreciative team building


Based on the principles and process of Appreciative Inquiry, this book, written by nationally known authors in the field of organizational development, is an indispensable resource for those...

Thumb the power of positive deviance book


The intervention called positive deviance asserts that the solution to any problem is hidden in plain sight. For every unsolvable problem, the solution already exists within the community. It is a...

Thumb the power of positive deviance vid

web resource

If you are interested in asset-based change, this 47-minute video is well worth your time. Richard Pascale, author of the book The Power of Positive Deviance, defines “positive deviants” as those...

Thumb ulead


Servant leadership development and team building are two of the focused outcomes of any learning experience designed and led by Ulead, an organization located in Northern Indiana. Focused on the...

Thumb the circle way


“C-I-R-C-L-E: it means something; it is a way to get somewhere else than where we are.” So say The Circle Way trainers, cofounders of {{PeerSpirit, Inc. |}}, and authors...

Thumb cracking culture code


Beginning from the premise that church culture is more important to a congregation’s success than the vision of the ministry, author, pastor and leadership consultant Sam Chand seeks to help...

Thumb fontawesome f02d 9  1024


With just a bit of translating-for example, replace the word organization with congregation, and customers with members-this book, from the originators of Appreciative Inquiry, offers congregations...

Thumb fontawesome f02d 9  1024


What makes young adults tick? Congregations whose leadership and culture are dominated by older generations often struggle to understand and connect with the millennials in their midst. Millennials...

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