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May 31, 2017

Congregational Vitality, Leadership

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December 8, 2015


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March 1, 2016


Large the learning congregation

Faith communities that effectively meet new challenges and opportunities have some behaviors in common. In this essay, a veteran pastor and president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations...

Large ministry program evaluation

This short article is directed to any congregation with outreach or community ministries, advocating for careful program evaluation to build on success, avoid repeating mistakes, and improve...

Large raising the roof

Church leaders facing a prolonged plateau of growth and wondering what to do will find Alice Mann’s book, Raising the Roof, a gift of hope. Mann, at the time a Senior Consultant with the Alban...

Large level best

This book targets small nonprofits and will be useful to any congregation seeking to evaluate particular programs or ministries in a systematic way. Beginning with some definitions of evaluation...

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The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center in Nashville, Tennessee provides wide-ranging disabilities research, services and training for educators, service providers and religious leaders. One of their...

Large evaluating your ministry

This brief article advocates for ministry and program evaluation and overcoming discomfort with evaluation to include it in intentional and effective ways. It begins by noting that evaluation...

Large davidsoncentre

The 24/7 nature of congregational ministry can take its toll on leaders. Pastors looking to maintain or regain personal and professional health can turn to the Davidson Centre for help. The Clergy...

Large projects that matter

This book brings the process of formal and systemic program and project evaluation into congregations and religious organizations. It includes numerous examples from congregational and...

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Studies show that Christian institutions are not immune to the national bullying epidemic. Peace Keepers is a resource for educators who wish to address the problem in faith-consonant ways. It is...

Large how your cong learns

How Your Congregation Learns describes how congregational leaders move from identifying a congregational challenge to a project, program and activity that effectively addresses the challenge. The...

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