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This book brings together history, current events, and faith resources to address America's racism and offers a guide to change.

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Today’s headlines and street-level experience can prompt congregations to seek positive action on race issues. Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training, based in Chicago, can help. They have...

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This informative book analyzes the Roman Catholic Church's response to racism in America, looking at historical documents and statements before suggesting moves that would provide a "more...

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Written by an educator, this book reveals racist tendencies in how we speak, and details the author's journey to eradicate her racist language in order to deepen communications.

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Written in four parts, this book addresses the spiritual and practical processes involved in searching for new clergy leadership, equipping congregations with the tools needed to make the search...

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This 11-page presentation presents a process and tools to engage in important conversations regarding race.

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Told by its two founders, this book recalls stories from Glide Memorial, a United Methodist congregation that was transformed by a mission of acceptance to become a diverse megachurch.

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Now more than ever congregations are seeking ways to address racism in their midst. On this website, the United Church of Christ offers a free, downloadable curriculum for white faith communities...

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The Reconciliation Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is an acknowledgment of the division and misshapen self-understanding that racism has caused within the church. It is a...

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Intercultural Ministries, the link to ethnic/racial events, news, personnel, and resources of the Church of the Brethren, is easily accessed through the A-Z site map on their web page. Part of...

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