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January 28, 2016

Good News and Bad News about Congregational Decline | CRG - Blog

Religion in America

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January 28, 2016

Five Things to Know about Assessments | CRG - Blog

Congregational Vitality, Leadership

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The Transforming Church Insight (TCI) assessment tool has been a helpful learning tool for many...

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The Church Assessment Tool (CAT), created by {{Holy Cow Consulting | https://holycowconsulting.com/}}...

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Sometimes, numbers do help. This resource will provide you with data. It is the website for the...

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They say if you aren’t increasing, then you are declining. This blog describes four ways...

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Many congregations find that creating and nurturing small relational groups lead to...

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Readers have been offered many titles by Timothy Keller over the past few years. Keller is the...

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This book begins with an unpromising diagnosis. The authors assert that the decline of the...

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Is your congregation struggling to survive? Molly Baskette’s ten year journey through...

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The author of this creative book on congregational assets is the Rev. Eric H. F. Law, an...

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The developmental life of congregations follows a predictable trajectory. Veteran pastor,...