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Large essential guide to youth ministry safety

This resource addresses a range of topics to help youth ministers navigate issues of safety, liability, and accountability.

Large managing church facility use

Published as a part of the Church Tax and Law Ministy of Christianity Today, this helpful article is a user-friendly guide for congregations to use in accessing church safety and security...

Large safety library
Web resource

For more than 90 years, Brotherhood Mutual has insured many of America’s congregations and related ministries. Over time, the firm has developed and observed many leading practices in safety and...

Large essential guide to childrens ministry safety

Contributors to this resource from Christianity Today see children as treasures who deserve to be kept safe, whether from allergic reactions or from other children or adults. Some concerns covered...

Large confronting gun violence at church

This article equips clergy and lay leaders with tips and information to prepare for the reality of gun violence in houses of worship.

Large guide for developing high quality emergency operations
Web resource

This four-section guide developed by FEMA helps congregational leaders create an up-to-date emergency operations plan in case of a natural disaster or an active shooter.

Large trauma addiction

Clergy and congregations seldom are equipped to adequately respond to adults and youth struggling with addiction and/or trauma. Eric Gentry, a licensed mental health counselor with advanced...

Large fontawesome f15c 5  1024

This article from the Christian Church offers best practices for maintaining a church facility with the goals of safety and efficiency in mind.

Large check in check out

Several writers contribute to this helpful download focused on keeping children safe while they are in church facilities. Topics include how arrival and departure procedures influence guests, how...

Large childrens ministry that works

Aimed at children's ministry staffs, this resource underlines the importance of accommodating various learning styles.

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