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March 26, 2018

Congregational Vitality

Large a center in the cyclone

Clergy experience a full life; close to God and close to those they serve. It is also true that many clergy are overwhelmed. The thesis of this book is that spiritual leaders need to be gifted at...

Large davidsoncentre

The 24/7 nature of congregational ministry can take its toll on leaders. Pastors looking to maintain or regain personal and professional health can turn to the Davidson Centre for help. The Clergy...

Large sabbaticals for ministers

What is the biblical basis for sabbaticals? Why does my pastor - and my congregation - need one? How do we plan a sabbatical? In this well-researched and visually pleasing publication from Focus on...

Large leading congregations crisis

Congregations are not magically immune from bad things. Unfortunately, congregations are sometimes the place where the hard edges of life are experienced with cutting immediacy. For example, a...

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Large people pleasing pastors

As many times as we hear that we shouldn’t care what others think, it is natural to at least wonder, if not worry. Clergy is one of the three professions that has the most negative projections...

Large generation to generation

By now, almost every seminary graduate has been introduced to Bowen Family Theory and Rabbi Edwin Friedman’s effective (and often winsome, even witty) adaptation of it to congregational life. The...

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Children’s ministry is not for the fainthearted. Nor is it for the Lone Wolf. Learn from two ministry veterans how to build a children’s ministry that lasts - while lasting in children’s ministry....

Large congregation clergy killer
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It seems obvious, but many church-goers may not realize that how they relate to each other and to their pastor are major factors in the pastor's mental health and work environment. A study of 1,500...

Large fulfilled

The demands and stresses of pastoral leadership can drain a professional church leader dry. Where can one find ongoing spiritual empowerment that keeps the tanks full and not running on empty? A...

Large faithful and fractured

How are you? This common question is asked many, many times a day. What do we learn when it is asked of clergy? Duke’s Clergy Health Initiative studied the mental and physical health of United...

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